The red brand, with the Leica Q, has enclosed the main qualities of an SLR, the performance of a full frame sensor and bright optics, in a compact body with a simple and attractive design.



      The machine was designed to be simple to use, there is no risk of getting lost in its menu because it is essential and basic. The photographer’s only thought is to get a good shot … in addition to managing the ISO, aperture and shutter speed of course! 😉


      THE LENS

      The lens plays an important role, and in my opinion the 28mm Summilux f / 1.7 was a great choice. The 28mm is a good solution for street and travel photography, it allows you to create remarkable ambient portraits, and the 24 Mpixel full-frame sensor leaves room for a possible crop.



      With the Leica Q it is possible to “focus” both automatically and manually. In manual mode, the focus peaking and zoom assist functions help focus beautifully, but it is always possible to change the focus system very quickly by simply acting on the relevant ring. In addition, on the Q you can find focus functions such as Face detection, and the touch and shoot function that makes it very similar to a smartphone.



      The Leica Q is a minimalist and intuitive machine. It requires the trade-off of a fixed non-interchangeable lens to obtain large images, without the need to carry enormous weights. The MACRO function is not to be neglected and allows you to obtain excellent close-up shots. In my opinion, the only downside to this machine is the lack of a dual memory slot. The double slot would have guaranteed the back up of the images and therefore made the Q useful also for professional aspects. If you are looking for a reliable travel companion that is lightweight, one body and one lens at the same time, the Leica Q is the right choice.



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