Behind the lens

Glam is the result of the encounter of two artistic visions aimed at creating a unique product.

The philosophy of our work is based on the simplicity that characterizes each emotion, and as such does not require strange alchemies, but is there, ready to be captured in its most authentic aspect.

Glam doesn’t offer a service, Glam gives an experience.

Giuseppe Torretta and his Leica M
Giuseppe D'Amico and his Leica M
Giuseppe Torretta and his Leica M

Meet Giuseppe Torretta

I'm a portrait photographer. I love wedding photography and I enjoy immortalizing real feelings and emotions.

I am a dreamer, I always have been. I like to change and change constantly.

I prefer to make my shots with natural light; I believe that nothing is more beautiful than light coming from a window or warm light during the golden hour.

I live in the beautiful Sicily and I love traveling.

I love my family, italian brandy, the volcano Etna and New York City.

I use selected material to obtain and express my photography, I shoot with a Leica mirrorless.

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Giuseppe D'Amico and his Leica M

Meet Giuseppe D'Amico

My passion for photography began many years ago, when, only thirteen, my father granted me his Nikkormat so I could take pictures of the stormy sea.

After a long period of inactivity, but with unmitigated interest in the world of photography, I picked up my camera again in 2008, this time going for digital.

I'm a street photography and portrait enthusiast. I enjoy capturing the minor details of the places I visit, the essence of the people I meet, and the flowing of life as it surrounds me. Photography manages to give me serenity, lets me clear my mind of all worries.

I see everything differently through the lenses of my camera, as if I become a detached observer of the most beautiful of spectacles.

Travelling is an inseparable element of my passion. All I need is a reflex and a plane ticket; everything else comes by itself.

As someone used to say: "all else is life".

I belong to a collective photos "La.Strada" that try to get a different street photo's prospective.

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